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Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Tool Kit

  • Total 27pcs accessories
  • Suitable for FTTH Networks
  • Suitable foe Telecommunication Networks
  • Suitable for cable TV systems

Product Details:

Items included in kits as below:

Product Name QTY Product Name QTY Product Name QTY
Kevlar Cutter 1 8PCS Hex Key Set 1 High Precision Tweezer 1
Cable Jacket Stripper 1 Fiber Optic Stripper 1 100PCS Cleaning Swab (2.5mm) 1
Utility Knife 1 8″ Adjustable Wrench 1 Optical Cable Wire-cutter 1
Cable Sheath Stripper 1 Buffer Tube Stripper 1 3M Scotch Tape 1
Fiber & Network Cable Stripper 1 Blow Brush 1 6″ Long Nose Plier 1
Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper 1 Ideal Coaxial Cable Stripper 1 ABS Heavy Duty Tool Case 1
4 Bit Screwdriver 1 Fiber Connector Clean Wipes 1 6″ Side Cutting Plier 1
Flash Light 1 Round Cable Slitter 1 3.5m Measuring Tape 1
Marker Pen 1 100PCS Shrink Protection Sleeve 1 200ml Leakproof Plastic Bottle 1
Mini Visual Fault Locator (Optional) 1


Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing Tool Kit
This kit is suitable for use with all types of fusion splicers and is ideal for performing fusion splicing on fiber optic cables.


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