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24 Ports Fiber Optic Epoxy Curing Oven

Heat curing oven for curing epoxy adhesive when terminating fibre optic connectors.

Product Details:

ISP-Home 24 port fiber optic epoxy curing oven is small and easy to operate quickly curing expoxy adhseive when terminating fibre optic connectors.

The heat curing oven can hold up to 24 connectors.  It is available for general connectors after epoxy glue injecting.

Connector curing oven includes a supplied 24 position holding block for ST, FC, SC, LC, especially very suitable for MT, MPO,  SMA.

The front panel features temperature control and power “on” light indicator. A thermometer is included with every oven.


Key Features: 

1、 The heating block could contain 24 connector ferrules at most.
2、 There is indicator light, timer and temperature indicator.
3、 Simply operation and perfect solidified effect.
4、 Horizontal Heating Board, convenient for putting ferrules and connectors.
5、 Indicator shows temperature and time, high precision for temperature control.
6、 Automatically timing, and buzzer alarm reminding after time is up.



Heating Temperature: 40-200 Degree
Accuracy:+-1 Degree
Power consumtion: 200W
Parison Method: PLD
Type: Full-Electric Controlled
Input Voltage:100-120 /200-240 V AC(110V is default)
Preheating Time: About 15 minutes
Connector Type: 1.25mm, 2.5mm SC/FC/ST/LC/MPO/MTRJ all kinds of connectors

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