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Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

LD light source 

FC, SC, ST universal connector

Long distance detect 

Pen type design, portable, and easy to use 

Product Details:

Visual Fault Locator (VFL) 5MW~30MW ST/SC/FC Interface Fiber Optic Cable Tester Meter with 2.5mm Connector 5KM~30KM for FTTx Network


Product overview:

The red light emitting device with 650nm semiconductor laser, the constant current source drive, emit stable red light, and light interface into single mode and multimode optical fiber, optical fiber fault detection function, optical fiber and optical fiber network engineering work, production and maintenance of optical devices indispensable research tool etc.


Technical Specification:

Output Power: 5mW~30mW

Battery Type: 2 AA-size alkaline batteries ( No Battery in the package)

Shell Material: Stainless Steel

Optic Fiber : SM and MM

Work Temperature:-10°+60°

Weight: 150g

Wavelength: 650±10nm

Storage Temperature: -40°+85°

Size: 24x170mm



LD light source

CW & MOD work mode 

FC, SC, ST universal connector

Stable output frequenc

Long distance detect 

Strong & durable casing 

Pen type design, portable, and easy to use 




Optic fiber communication and maintenance 

Security system optic fiber transmitter setup and maintenance 

Optic fiber CATV system and maintenance 

Optic fiber sensing research 

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