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MTP®/MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cord

• Fiber count – 12 and 24 fibers
• Suitable for 8 fiber SR4 deployments (12 fiber)
• Type A/B/C polarities optional
• Female – Female standard (hybrid variants available)
• Compact cable for easy routing
• OS2, OM3 and OM4 performance types
• Ultra-low loss connector performance

Product Details:

MTP/MPO patch cord are designed to high density multi fibers solutions, fit for different installation environment and easy to in-stall between the trunk line, data centers and buildings. Our patch cord are 100% factory tested and can meet your special requirements. All the MTP/MPO connects comply with Telcordia GR-1435-Core Compliant.


Q: What is MTP/MPO connector?

A: MPO connectors are fiber optic connectors with multi fiber connectivity and a push on coupling, that’s why they are called MPO “multi-fiber push on”. MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. and is an advanced version of MPO with the better mechanical and optical performance. They look similar and are fully compatible and interchangeable. MTP/MPO connectors support higher bandwidth and higher density applications with 12 to 24 fiber count, which also can reach 48 or 72 in some limited applications. In addition, the next MTP/MPO format will support 16 to 32 fiber connectors, which are required for 400 GB applications. There are two versions of MPO: male (with pins) and female (without pins).



  • Data center and server room infrastructure
  • High-speed network connections
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting networks
  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks
  • LAN, WAN, and SAN networks


Specification of MTP/MOP fiber patch cords.

Connector MPO female, male/MTP female, male
Fiber Count 12 and 24 fibers
Fiber mode Single mode, OS2, Muliti-mode OM3, OM4
Insertion Loss (Max) Single Mode: ≤0.3dB, Multimode: ≤0.3dB
Return Loss(dB) Single Mode: ≥50(UPC), ≥55(APC), Multimode: ≥35dB
Wavelength Single Mode: 1310/1550nm, Multimode: 850/1300nm
Polarity Type A, Type B, Type C
Cable Material LSZH, OFNP, customer specified
Operating Temperature -40~85°C
Storage Temperature -40~85°C

How to choose the right MTP/MPO fiber cables for your transceivers?

Step 1: Choose the correct connectors for MTP/MPO Connector: MTP Female, Male; MPO Female, Male.

Step 2: Choose single mode or multimode, it depends on the Transmission distance, if it is long-distance, you have to choose the single mode. Single mode: OS2 9/125µm Multimode: OM4 50/125µm, OM3 50/125µm.

OS2 9/125µm, long-distance

Wavelength: 1310/1550nm

Transmission Distance: Long distance

OM3 50/125µm, short distance

Wavelength: 850/1300nm

Transmission Distance:100m at 40/100G, 300m at 10G

OM4 50/125µm, short distance

Wavelength: 850/1300nm

Transmission Distance: 150m at 40/100G, 400m at 10G

Step 3: Choose fiber count. Simplex fiber optic cable (A single fiber), Duplex fiber optic cable (2 fibers in a single cable, Zip Cord), Multi-Fiber cables, custom configurations, common are 4 fiber, 6 fiber, 8 fiber, 12 fiber, 24 fiber, 48 fiber, 72 fiber, 144 fiber, 256 fiber. Higher fiber counts are normally terminated as a MTP/MPO Trunk cables, using MTP/MPO connectors.

8F mainly used for 40G/100G QSFP+/QSFP28 direct connection.

12-144F mainly used for 10G/40G/100G high-density structural fiber cabling.

Step 4: There are 3 types of MPO trunk cable, called Polarity A(Straight),  Polarity B(Reversed),  and Polarity C(Pair Flipped),  no matter which type is chosen, must make sure that the transmitter Chanel is linked to the receiver channel.

Type A(Straight)

The fiber cores at both ends of the jumper are arranged in the same position, that is, 1 at one end corresponds to 1 at the other end, and 12 at one end corresponds to 12 at the other end. The keys at both ends are in opposite directions, and key up corresponds to key down.

Type B(Reversed)

The positions of the cores at both ends of the jumper are opposite, that is, 1 at one end corresponds to 12 at the other end, and 12 at one end corresponds to 1 at the other end. The key orientations at both ends are the same, that is, key up corresponds to key up, and key down corresponds to key down.

Type C(Pair Flipped)

The C-type MPO jumper is a pair of adjacent core positions crossed, that is, the core 1 at one end corresponds to 2 at the other end, and the core 12 at one end is 11 at the other end. The key keys at both ends are also oriented in the opposite direction, and key up corresponds to key down.

Step 5: Choose Jacket material type, PVC jacket, LSZH jacket, and Armored Jacket, Customer specified.

Step 6: According to your needs, decide the cable length you’ll use. You need to know the distance between your devices and then decide the cable length you’ll use. The most common lengths are 1/2/3/5/10/15/30/50/100m, the cable length also can be customized.

Strictly Testing Before Shipping

Fiber End-Face Inspection

Return Loss Test

3D Interferometer

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