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10G PON Power Meter

3.5 inch color screen

FC/SC Universal Connector

Five wavelengths test simultaneously

Product Details:

The JW3239C PON power meter is suitable for the traditional or next generation PON network testing. It can simultaneously measure the voice, data and video signals on 1490nm/1550nm/1577nm (downlink spectrum) and 1270nm/1310nm (burst mode uplink spectrum) optical fiber, the same screen displays the signal power of each of the 5 wavelengths, which enables the maintenance personnel to truly master the power value of the single wavelength optical signal on the line. It is an ideal choice for PON network engineering, construction and maintenance to detect and analyze optical fiber with optional end-face detector and judge whether the signal power is up to the standard by threshold data set by the instrument itself.


Product Features:

  •  3.5-inch TFT color screen
  •   Compatible with EPON, GPON and next generation 10G-EPON/XG-PON power measurement functions
  • 5 wavelength power value simultaneous measurement display
  •  The instrument can set the measurement threshold to determine the pass, warning, fail state
  •  Support VFL and standard OPM module functions
  • Data storage function up to 1000
  • Optional end-face microscope tester


 Technical Specifications:

PON Power Meter Mode
Measuring wavelength 1270nm 1310nm 1490nm 1550nm 1577nm
Measuring range(dBm) +13~-40 +13~-40 +13~-50 +25~-50 +10~-50
Spectral passband(nm) 1270±10 1310±20 1490±10 1550±10 1577±6
Insertion loss(dB) ≤1.5
Uncertainty (dB) ≤0.5
Interface type (FC/SC)/APC(optional)
Display resolution(dB) 0.01
Threshold settings 10group
Data storage 1000
Standard OPM mode
Measuring range(dBm) +26~-50
Calibration wavelength(nm) 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625
Uncertainty (dB)2 ≤0.5
Wavelength (nm) 650±10
Output power(mW) 10
Modulation frequency Lighting form,1HZ
Operating temperature (℃) -10~+60
Storage temperature (℃) -25~+70
Relative humidity 0%~95%RH
Communication interface Micro USB
Power supply Rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery/Micro USB
Operating time(h) Operating time ≥20H,stand-by time ≥60H
Dimension (mm) 188mm×88mm×44mm
Weight (g) 400

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